Policy Consulting

Sahel provides policy analysis and advice to national and regional governments, and several international development organizations engaged in agriculture.

Some of the notable agencies and organisations we have supported in this area include:

International Development Agency / FMARD

Sahel participated in the mapping of the key stakeholders in the Nigerian agricultural landscape with a focus on the capacity needs required to achieve a national Government’s Agricultural strategic plan.

International Development Agencies

Project I: Sahel participated in a project mapping of key stakeholders (private, public, and non-profit organizations) engaged in agriculture in Ghana. The output fed into the design of the development agency’s programme on food security.

Project II: A Sahel partner served on the Africa LEAD team, focused on assessing the key organizational functions and capabilities of ECOWAS and related institutions including the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development at the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja, the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (“EBID”) in Togo and the proposed ECOWAS Fund for Agriculture and Food. The team provided recommendations for ways to strengthen organisational performance with a view to achieving the objectives of a food security programme funded by an international development organisation.



Sahel participated in a “Technical and Financial Feasibility Study of the ECOWAS Agricultural Policy Financing Facility (ECOWAP).” The research focused on the funding needs of ECOWAP, potential sources of funding and best practices for fund creation and management in Senegal.


Africa-focused Nonprofit Organisation

A Sahel partner served as the International Regional Trade Expert, responsible for the development of an implementation plan for the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP – developed by the AU and NEPAD) Pillar 2, Strategic Area A, which was focused on raising the competitiveness of African agriculture and capitalizing on opportunities in the domestic, regional and international markets. The partner developed strategic plans for a West African Commodity Exchange, and a trade negotiations training centre for the region.

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