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Here, we share insights from our work in agriculture and nutrition, and our perception of the future of the sectors.

Cassava: A Staple Crop in Nigeria

December 1, 2016. Cassava is a staple of choice across cultures and social divides in Nigerian households. The majority [...] Read more

Rice in Nigeria: Industry Dynamics

October 1, 2015. Rice is one of the most important food commodities in West Africa. Studies conducted in Nigeria [...] Read more

An Assessment of the Nigerian Poultry Sector

June 1, 2015. The Nigerian poultry industry is estimated at ₦80 billion ($600 million) and is comprised of approximately [...] Read more

How Fresh is our Milk?

June 1, 2015. If you purchase milk for your child, bowl of cereal, or coffee in Nigeria, it is [...] Read more

Unlocking the Palm Oil Potential in West Africa

March 1, 2015. Indigenous to West Africa, oil palm is an important crop for both industrial, retail and consumer [...] Read more

Insuring the Agricultural Sector: Can it work?

November 1, 2014. Agricultural insurance is a major tool for farmers and other stakeholders to use in managing risk. [...] Read more

The Role of Women in Nigerian Agriculture

September 20, 2014. Over the years, women have established more defined roles in agriculture. In Nigeria, women are involved [...] Read more

Why Are Agricultural Inputs Important?

July 20, 2014. The backbone of any agricultural revolution is access of farmers to modern agricultural inputs. These agricultural [...] Read more

Financing the Agricultural Sector

June 1, 2014. Agriculture is the largest sector in the Nigerian economy, accounting for 22% of Gross Domestic Product [...] Read more

Agribusiness: Potential for Fostering Regional Growth

May 1, 2014. Agriculture accounts for 35% of the Gross Domestic Product in West Africa (ECOWAP, 2013), and remains [...] Read more
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