Investment Thesis

Business-Related Eligibility Criteria

FAFIN invests growth and expansion capital in companies which meet the following criteria:

  • High growth SMEs with a minimum operating track record of 3 years. Although FAFIN does not invest in start-up and greenfield companies, it will consider early stage investments where the promoters and or management team have demonstrated sector expertise and or have successfully run companies within the same sector
  • Have a minimum annual turnover of N300million
  • Show historic or potential profitability and stable current or forecast cash flows
  • Potential to scale to a well-defined strategic growth plan for the business (both general and specific to the proposed investment and projected revenue growth with sound assumptions)
  • Led by a competent entrepreneur and or experienced management team
  • Offers products and services for which there is large, unmet demand or large potential to substitute for imports
  • Meet plausible exit scenarios within required time frame


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