NDDP Nutrition Study Report

Overview of the Nutrition Study

The Nigerian Dairy Development Program (NDDP) is a processor-led program implemented by Sahel Consulting, in partnership with leading dairy processors; Friesland Campina WAMCO in Oyo State and L&Z Integrated Farms in Kano State, Nigeria. The program seeks to enhance the livelihoods of participating Fulani dairy farmers in both states by improving the productivity of their cattle and integrating them into the formal dairy value chain in Nigeria.

The program also seeks to improve women empowerment and the nutrition outcomes of the participating dairy communities.

In order to design effective women empowerment and nutrition interventions, it is critical to better understand the cultural beliefs, knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Fulani dairy producing households and how they influence social norms.

To that end, Sahel Consulting commissioned a nutrition study in the NDDP’s focus states, which objectives were to:

  • Assess the nutrition situation of participating smallholder dairy households in Oyo and Kano States
  • Characterize the food systems and factors influencing their food choices
  • Determine potential entry points for improving their nutritional status.
September 28, 2018
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