NDDP Oyo Baseline Report

Overview of the Baseline Study

The Nigerian Dairy Development Program (NDDP) is a processor-led dairy program implemented by Sahel Capital Partners & Advisory Limited (“Sahel”) in partnership with leading dairy processors – Friesland Campina Wamco (FCW) in Oyo State and L&Z Integrated Farms Ltd. in Kano State. The aim of NDDP is to strengthen the Dairy Transformation Agenda of the Government by demonstrating proof-of-scale in Nigeria’s processor-led initiatives for dairy development.

This report summarizes key findings from a baseline study conducted on 679 households in 5 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Oyo State, using a purposive sampling method . Of the 679 households assessed in the study, 460 (68%) are currently integrated into FCW’s supply chain (i.e. they currently supply FCW with fresh milk); the remaining 219 households (32%) have been identified as potential suppliers but have not yet been integrated. A household was defined as a man, his wives, and unmarried children. The husband and 1st wife were interviewed, bringing the total number of questionnaires administered as part of this study to 1,358. Moreover, information was collected from FCW’s dairy development program (DDP) team including the R&D and DDP Manager, Lawrence Ohue; Dairy Extension Manager, Dr. Akinade Samson Adebayo; and the Milk Collection Manager, Adekunle Olayinwola.

This report provides its intended audience, which includes the program’s funders and other relevant stakeholders in the public and social sectors, with findings around respondents’ demographic and occupational characteristics, their asset ownership and productivity levels, their participation in the formal dairy sector and their access to basic services and social amenities. These findings can inform potential interventions to catalyse the dairy sector in Oyo state. In addition, the baseline data provided in this report will serve as a factual basis against which Sahel will track the performance of the NDDP. Finally, the baseline study will serve as an entry point for the experts engaged to conduct gender and nutrition studies to examine cultural beliefs, knowledge attitudes and practices that influence social norms among the NDDP’s participating dairy households in Oyo Sate, and which could impact the success of the program.

May 24, 2018
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