Mezuo Nwuneli Writes on the Breath of Fresh Air in Nigeria’s Agricultural Finance

Traditionally, Nigerian agriculture was not the place to find educated professionals, much less experts in finance, investment banking or private equity. Ironically, for decades, the agriculture sector has amongst other challenges been bedevilled with limitations in access to finance, and a dearth of innovation to drive growth. The agric sector needed professionals that will bring their knowledge and expertise to the fields and help stimulate growth, but the fields were the last place those professionals would want to be found.

Finding a professional with expertise in private equity, investment banking, and corporate finance with 22 years of experience in Nigerian agriculture was therefore bound to be a strange sight, but for Mezuo Nwuneli, the past decade has been one of transforming agriculture in Nigeria and supporting businesses to grow. His company, Sahel Capital, has raised $65.9 million till date, the chunk of which has been invested in seven companies, with two or three other investments still to be executed.

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October 1, 2019
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