Sahel Announces Investment in Crest Agro Products

Sahel Capital, fund managers for the Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria (“FAFIN”) and CardinalStone Capital Advisers (“CCA”), a Nigerian Private Equity Fund Manager, are pleased to announce that definitive agreements have been executed for an investment in Crest Agro Products Limited (“Crest Agro”), an integrated cassava processor based in Kogi State.

Founded in 2013, Crest Agro was set up to harness opportunities in the cassava starch sub‐sector. The Company’s vision is to become the leading producer of food grade cassava starch for industrial users in Nigeria and the broader West Africa sub‐region. The business is led by an experienced management team with deep sector expertise and a passion for the transformative power of agriculture in Nigeria.

With 13,000 hectares of land for farming and an outgrower scheme that has reached over 400 Small holder farmers, Crest Agro has developed a robust farming operation which is well positioned to meet the raw material needs for its starch processing facility.

March 1, 2017
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