The Tomato Value Chain in Nigeria

Tomato is widely cultivated across Nigeria. Smallholder farmers planting on between 0.5 and 4 hectares of land account for 90% of production, with the balance contributed by commercial producers (Sahel research, 2015).

Nigeria has the largest area harvested for fresh tomato in Africa with 541,800Ha followed by Egypt with 214,016Ha
(Faostat, 2014).

However, Nigerian farmers on average generate the lowest yields for tomatoes in Africa at 4.0MT/Ha which is significantly lower than Egypt with 38.7MT/Ha and South Africa with yields of 78.7MT/Ha in 2014 (Faostat, 2014).

Yields are low because of the poor production practices including usage of old varieties, low soil fertility, inadequate pest and weed control and the high post-harvest losses due to the poor handling and distribution system. In effect, 40-50% of tomato produced in Nigeria is lost due to the poor handling, processing and preservation practices in Nigeria (Sahel research, 2015).

July 18, 2017

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